Inspection templates can be setup using multiple components:

  • Checklist - list of items which can be checked during inspection

  • Form - combination of different form fields which can be filled out during inspection

  • Positive observations - allows inspectors to report positive observation during inspection

  • Participants - allows inspectors to select which users have been participating in the round

  • Signature - allows inspectors to confirm information gathered during inspection with a digital signature

When creating an inspection template all these components can be mixed and included or excluded based on your requirements for the particular inspections.

You can edit content of checklists and forms in separately or directly from the inspection template creation views.

See how to edit forms and checklists in these articles

  1. Click on the gear you find next to your name at the top to the right.
  2. Click on Inspection template.
  3. Click on Create new template.
  4. Enter the title of the template and click Save.
  5. Select whether you want to add a checklist or a form (You can choose whether you want to create a new checklist / form or if you want to use an already created checklist / form).

NOTE! You can edit in a form or checklist, but then you will also edit in the original checklist/form so that those who use the same checklist/form in the future will see your changes.

       6. Click in the settings you want to use on your inspection template, you can choose to click in several options or none               of them.

  • Positive observations - The opportunity to report something positive that you see during the round

  • Participants - Add participants who participated during the round

  • Signature - The person who conducted the round may sign

  • Tag - tags Here is an article that goes through a little more information regarding inspection tags - How do I create inspection tags?

  • Published - In order to be able to use the inspection template, you need to click in published otherwise the template will remain unpublished

7. Click on the pen to enter general information about the inspection template.

8. Fill in the template description and click Save.

9.  When you are satisfied with your template click on Save inspection template.

 NOTE! In order for the inspection template to be used in the projects, it needs to be published. Otherwise you will find the template under unpublished.