Visit the project in which you want to see the unaccepted users and want to resend invitations, and do the following: 

  1. Click on Team in the left menu in the project. 

  2. Click on Pending invitations. 

  3. Here you can search on name, company and role to find the people that you want to resend the invitation for. Here it is also possible to delete non-accepted users if needed. 

4. Hold you mouse above the person that you want to resend the invitation to or delete from the project. Click on the green envelope to resend the invitation or on the bin to delete the user. 

5. If you want to resend invites to more than one person in the project, tick the box in front of each person's name or tick the box next to Name on top to mark every unaccepted user.

6. Click on resend invitation to all or to delete users. 

NOTE! It is only the project admin and the account owner that will be able to see the view of not accepted users.

TIP! You can also see which users have not accepted the invitation in the team view, it is the users who are marked in gray and when you drag the mouse pointer over the name it says "User not confirmed".