Via the web platform:

Reports in your project:

Click on reports in the menu on the left of the project view. You automatically get to all reports in the project and can here search and filter by start and end date, type of report, all reports and show only reported by me. You can also filter between different statuses of the report such as reported, in progress or concluded.

Reports on your account:

Click on Reports in the menu. Filter between different statuses, those available are Reported, in progress and concluded. You can search, select start and end dates, type of report, project and project tags.

The mobile application:

Reports in your project:

Start by clicking on the relevant project

Here you see all the information about your project, click on report then Reported by me or All reports

Click on the magnifying glass to search or show filter in the bottom corner to bring up the filtering options

Search and filter:

Choose which status you want to check on the reports and then use filters