Inspection tags are used in inspection templates to organise your data produced during the rounds which connected to that template. 

If your account has access to Insights module in Infobric Field, these tags can be used to filter data and find information on items specifically related to the tag. For example this can be useful if you want to filter our information about safety and environmental items - by using “safety” and “environmental”.

Managing tags

  1. Click on the gear you find next to your name at the top right.

  2. Click on inspection tag

  3. Click on add new tag

  4. Enter the inspection tag title and click save

5. Here you can see which tags are being used in two different contexts:

  • used in templates - tag is being used in standard inspection templates on the account level

  • used in inspections - tag is being used in inspections on the project level (mainly when standard template is connected to an inspection or when tag has been used when creating template from scratch) 

6. You can switch between published and unpublished tags

After you are done creating inspection tags, you will be able to use these tags in inspection templates on account and specific inspections. See how to manage inspection templates in this article- How do I create an inspection template for my account?

Important to know:

  • Only Account Owners have access to inspections tag management

  • Only published tags are visible to users who create inspections

  • A tag can be deleted or unpublished only if it is not connected to any templates

  • If you rename the tag which is connected to any of the templates - all of the data related to this tag will be changed and re-tagged. Meaning that if you change tag “Fire safety” to “Water” all deviations will be re-tagged with “Water”.

NOTE! Inspection tags and project tags are different entities in Infobric Field. Read more about how to use and manage project tags here: How do I add project tags?