Investigation forms make it easy to conduct thorough investigations for all reported incidents in Infobric Field. 

Only users with "Investigator" permissions have access to this module.

  1. Click on Investigations.

  2. Click on the report you're going to evaluate.

  3. You can edit the report details by clicking on the edit button which will allow you to edit the report’s category, description, level & sector.

  4. You can edit or add the basic incident follow-up information which is usually provided after incident has been reported in Infobric Field.
  5.  Click Save after basic information has been provided.
  6. To conduct an investigation and fill out detailed information, choose the investigation form that is applicable to current report. Fill in the investigation form according to its fields.
  7. Upload additional files linked to the investigation.
  8. Choose whether to Save as a draft or whether you want to Save and conclude the Investigation.
  9. When you are done with your investigation information and clicked on save and conclude, you will be asked ”Are you sure you want to conclude this investigation?” Click Confirm.

NOTE! Once you have closed the case, it is no longer possible to edit or add any information.