There are two ways to invite people to a project through the web platform, the first is if the person is already in Infobric Field from before and the other how you invite a whole new user.

Visit the project in which you want to invite a new person and do the following:

  1. Click on team in the left menu in the project

  2. Click manage under the permission level you want to give the user

3. Start by searching the person you want to invite from all the contacts on the left. If the person is already registered in your Infobric Field account - click on the person to select him or her.
4. Click on the green arrow or hold down the mouse pointer and drag over the person's name in the right list. The person is now added to your project.

TIP! You can add more people at the same time by clicking on the names before clicking the green arrow. You can quickly and easily add a person by clicking on the name and hold the mouse and then drag the name over to the right side.

5. If the person is not in the list on the left, click on invite this person to Infobric Field below the list.

6. Fill in the details
7. Click on invite. The person is now added to the project

TIP! When a user has been added to the project you can easily change the user permission and change roles. To do that, do the following: 

  1. Click on the participants in the menu in the project.

  2. Click on the person you want to change permissions and drag him/her below the new permission level. You have now changed the permission level of this person.