1. Choose whether you want to check for deviations assigned to you or assigned to others.

2. Here you can see the deviations you're responsible for in all your projects.  

NOTE! To see the list of deviations you created and all deviations in the project, you must have at least the permission of the project administrator or inspector.

Switch to created by me or all. Here you will see the deviations you created alternatively all the deviations in the project/projects.

TIP! You can also see deviations under Plan view. You do as follows:

1. Tap on plan view in the menu

2. Tap on the project you want to see the deviations on

3. Select level

Here you can now see all deviations, approved items, risk observations, near misses and accidents that have been marked on the construction plan. You can choose from the menu below if you want to see all items, deviations (there you see deviations and approved items) or tap on reports to see observations, near misses and accidents reported in the project on that level. You can also tap on the item you want to check on the construction plan to see the information and then go on to the detail view.