Checklist (previously known as “Template”) is a list of items which can be checked during inspection.

NOTE! The checklist must be included in an inspection template in order to use it in an inspection.

  1. Click on the gear you find next to your name at the top right.

  2. Click on Checklist.

  3. Click on Create checklist.

  4. Enter the title of the checklist and click Save.

  5. Enter the section code.

  6. Enter the section title.

  7. Click Save.

  8. Add item (you save the point by clicking enter).

  9. Add additional items by clicking add item or sections by clicking Add section.

  10. When you'r feel satisfied with your checklist you can click on preview and see how it will look like when someone is using your checklist (You can click here during the whole time you are editing your checklist until you click on save).

  11. Click on Save checklist.

NOTE! All checklists that you have created can be added to inspections template for using in inspections. See how to build inspection templates and add checklists in this article - How do I create an inspection template for my account?

TIP! You can add a description for each item. This is a great way to support the people doing the round regarding what to look for. This also gives your company an opportunity to standardize what you look for during the rounds.