Report flows in Infobric Field allows account owners to create different types of reports for users to then fill out on web or mobile platform. Report flow settings are very flexible, so that account owners can decided which questions and details to request from users during the reporting. Once report flows are created on account settings, account owner can enable specific report flows in different projects, based on needs. The report flow settings allow account owners to create more detailed reports beyond standard reports such as risk observation or accident.

When you create the report flow, there are several different components that you can choose from in order for your report to meet the requirements you want for your report:

  • Settings - General settings in the reporting flow - here you fill in the name, description, category area of use and tags of the report
  • Report - Here you see and create questions that users will fill in when creating reports
  • Actions and Follow-up - You choose whether to activate actions connected to your report and whether you want to Auto-conclude the report when actions are resolved or not.
  • Investigation - Here you choose investigation requirements that make it easy to carry out thorough investigations of all reports.


1. Click on the gear next to your name in the upper right corner

2. Click Report Flows

3. Click Create New Feed

4. Name your report flow

5. Fill in the description

6. Choose category, here you can choose whether to choose a category that has already been created or create a new category. 

7. Choose the icon

8 Area of use: Assign your report a area of use to help identify the reports and to be able to get more statistics. 

9. Tags allows users to filter information in Insights and different listing screens

10.  Click in if you want to allow anonymous reporting or classify as an incident (Enable time of occurrence field to incident and visualises display incident-specific data in insights).


Click save to create a draft for the report flow and be able to continue the report flow
1. All reports have a standard field that includes description, category, level, sector and GPS position.

2. Choose whether to have a form connected to your report flow, you build up the form's parts from the list on the right, start by inserting the Section and then drag and drop the part of the form you want to use under your section, you can choose to use one or more different form parts under the same section.

  • Short text - You select the title of a short text that the person performing the round must then fill in
  • Paragraph (Text) - Select a heading which is then linked to a slightly longer text
  • Descriptive text - The possibility to add a field with descriptive text, e.g. instructions or guidelines.
  • Date - Enter what you want the person to check for dates or if you want them to enter today’s date
  • Drop-down list - Start by adding the title to the list then you can add one or more options which you can then edit, delete and change the order of your drop-down list.
  • Check box - Here you can select a heading and then enter as many different check box options as you want.
  • Radio button - Once you have entered the title, you can then enter several options, the difference here between the check box is that you can only select one of the options when filling in the form.
  • Image upload - Here you can enter a heading that describes the type of image / images you want the person to upload
  • File upload - You can enter a title and description of the file/files you want the person to upload
  • Number - Number means that the person filling in the form can select a number connected to the question you have asked.

NOTE! You can edit and delete all sections and form parts while creating your form. It is also possible to choose which parts should be mandatory or not by clicking in it when you create a form part.

Actions and Follow-up

1. Click Act & Follow-up

2. There are two buttons under Actions the first is to enable actions and you can only click on the second Auto-conclude report when actions are resolved if you enable Actions.

3. Fill in requirements for the follow-up, enter the name of the requirement and select a form or create a new one

NOTE! If you select Close case automatically after rectified deviation, you cannot add Requirements for follow-up!

TIP! You can choose to create multiple forms under the same requirement or create multiple requirements with different forms!


13. Click on investigation

14. Fill in the investigation requirement, enter the name of the requirement and select a form or create a new one

15. Click Preview to see what your report flow looks like from start to finish

16. Click back to flow creation if you want to edit anything

17. Click publish