To access the registration form, you can either scan the QR code or use the introduction link.

When you start the registration for the workplace introduction, there is a welcome message and then follow the different registration steps.

  1. Click on start registration

2. Fill in your ID06 number in the field (if you do not have one click in the box below you will get a temporary number)
3. Click in that you agree to the User Terms and Condition and Integrity Policy
4. Click on the next

5. Fill in the general information that is requested: first name, last name, personal identity number, which company you are employed by, which company is the client, your telephone number, your work e-mail, in the drop-down list choose your occupation in the project, choose the type of work you have, if you have allergies fill it in under allergies, fill in if there is information that the employer needs to know about you and which languages you speak.

6. Click on upload profile picture

7. Verify your identity by clicking on upload photo on identity card (it is only passport (image page only), national ID card, national driving license that is valid).
8. Click on Next

9. Enter the emergency contact, fill in the first name and last name, relationship, telephone number and street address.
10. You can choose to add more than one emergency contact by clicking + Add one more contact
11. Click on Next

NOTE! You can choose to click on the skip in the bottom left of the page and fill in the information later, but all fields need to be filled in before you finish the registration.

Then it is time to upload certificate or licence that prove your eligibility, see what the employer is asking for and if its' required or optional. Behind the title of the document it says if it's required or optional.

12. Click show more to read the document description
13. Click on upload

14. Click on upload to upload the proof of certification
15. Write a comment if you want
16. Select the expiration date on the diploma
17. Click Save

18. Upload all proof of certifications and then click on next

19. Click on open document and read through it
20. Check that you read and understood the document
21. Click on Next

22. Choose the last working day
23. Draw your signature in the box
24. Check that you confirm that the information you provided is correct
25. Click on sign and confirm