Construction plans are used to give you a clear overview of how your project is currently doing, you are able to see where deviations, approved items, and reports are located on site. When you're working with construction plans on the web platform you have the possibility to filter the activity to find the information you're looking for. The different filters are listed below:

  1. Level - the different parts of a project (floors, buildings etc.)

  2. Time intervall - select which time intervall you'd like to see information from.

  3. Search - the possibility to search by title or comment.

  4. Select type - select what you want visualised on the plan

        All items - all items are visualised on the plan

        Deviations - only deviations and approved items are visualised on the plan

        Reports - Reports that have deviations connected are visualised on the plan
  5. On plan or not on plan - deviations and approved items which are placed directly on the construction plan or not placed on the construction plan.

  6. A list of the items on that level, both deviations and approved items. If you click on the green box with an arrow you'll be able to see further details about the item.

If you select "Deviation" on the fourth step, you will have four additional filtrating options:

    All - select if you want to see unresolved deviations, resolved deviations, items with proof or all. 

    Risk level - filtrate deviations on one or more risk levels.

    Inspection - chose one or more inspections you want to see information from. 

    Responsible company - select a company to see deviations assigned to the company. 

If you select "Reports" on the fourth step, you will have three additional filtrating options

    Report type - select which report typ you would like to visualize. 

    Status - filtrate on status of the reports

    Category - chose to filtrate on one or more report categories. 

To activate construction plans in your project you only need to contact our support and we'll help you get started. The easiest way to contact our support is by clicking the green button in the bottom right corner of this screen.