Yes. Do the following:

  1. Click on inspections in the left menu in your project view.

  2. Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner on the inspection that you want to edit the template for.

  3. Click on edit configuration

Edit checklist:

4. Click on edit on your checklist

5. Add additional items by clicking add item or sections by pressing add section

6. You can activate/inactivate sections and items in your checklist

7.  Click on save checklist when your satisfied with your checklist editing

Edit Form:

8. Click on edit on the form

9. Click on the component you want to edit, what you can edit depends on what component you click on. You can edit the text, add options, make a component required or not required. You also have the ability to delete or copy the components.

10. Select the form components from the list on the right and drag and drop the part of the form you want to use under your section, you can choose to add one or more components of the form under the same section.

11. When you are satisfied with your form, you can click on preview form and see what it will look like when you use the form. (You can click here during the whole time you are editing your form until you click on save)

12. Click save form

13. Click on Return to the inspection configuration 

14. Edit the settings

  • Checklist - list of items which can be checked during inspection

  • Form - combination of different form fields which can be filled out during inspection

  • Positive observations - allows inspectors to report positive observation during inspection

  • Participants - allows inspectors to select which users have been participating in the round

  • Signature - allows inspectors to confirm information gathered during inspection with a digital signature and that round participants can sign that they have participated on the inspection.

15. Click on save inspection template

NOTE! You can now edit the template even if you have an ongoing round in the inspection, the next round in that inspection will have the updated template.