Construction plans can be used to visualise where in the project deviations, approved items, and reports are located by pinpointing directly on a construction plan while conducting an inspection or sending a report. You can upload several different construction plans depending on the layout of your project, for an example if you have several different floors or buildings in the project.

You have access to construction plans both in the app on your mobile device as well as the web platform on your computer, to be able to always stay up to date and view the items pinpointed on the construction plan. You also have the possibility to use filters to view specific construction plans, deviations from inspections, actions from reports and checked items to give you a clear overview and make sure nothing is missed on the different floors.


To activate construction plans in your project you only need to contact our support and we'll help you get started. The easiest way to contact our support is by clicking the green button in the bottom right corner of this screen.



  • How do I enable plans functionality in Infobric Field?

    • Please contact our support to get started with construction plans functionality in your project. Our customer success team can help you with everything you need to start using plans.

  • Which plan file types are supported in Infobric Field?

    • Infobric Field supports .PDF file format to achieve best quality and user experience when working with plans on site

    • PNG, JPEG, TIFF and DWG files are not currently supported

  • Do you support vector and/or rasterized plans?

    • Yes, both vector and rasterized plans are supported

  • How do i download plans on mobile app for offline use?

    • Users are able to download plans for offline use from the round screen on mobile application

    • Read more how to start a round and use plans on mobile in our support article [link to Starting and conducting round with plans]

  • I want to upload newer version of the plan - how does versioning work?

    • Newer versions of plans can be uploaded by simply replacing existing plan file with the new one.

    • Read more how to upload and connect plans to project levels in our support articles [link to Uploading plans and connecting to project levels]

  • What will happen with my pins when I delete a plan with pins attached to it?

    • Items pinned to older and deleted versions of plans will not be removed and you will always have reference to previous versions of plans.

  • What type of items can I pin to plans in Infobric Field?

    • Deviations and items with proof that are created during round. 

    • Reports can be pinned on plan when sending a report.

  • Where can I get an overview of the plans?

    • Overviews of the project plans are available both on the mobile app and the web platform where you can visualise the plan and use filters to chose what information you would like to see. 
  • What kind of notes and drawings can I can do on plans?

    • Construction plans in Infobric Field are mainly used as an extra tool when defining location of deviations or checked items during rounds, therefore no drawings on any additional information can be added to construction plans.

  • Is it possible to connect pins on plans to BIM models on any other 3rd party services?

    • At this moment, such functionality is not supported in Infobric Field.

  • Can I connect 3rd party file management software to automatically get all plans into Infobric Field?

    • At this moment, such functionality is not supported in Infobric Field.