Account Owners and Project Administrators can now enable or disable specific functions (Construction plans, Introductions or Reports) in projects depending on the needs of every project.

Navigate to project in which you want to set up its functionality.

  1. Click on the tab “Settings in the side bar
  2. To enable or disable function in a project, simply use on-off toggles specific to each function.

Function explanations 

Inspections functionality allows users to create and conduct inspections and controls with own checklist and forms, identify deviations and delegate responsibilities to users.

This functionality is a core functionality in Infobric Field and is always enabled by default - it is impossible to disable this function at this moment.

Construction plans
This functionality allows users to upload and connect construction plans to project levels, enabling users to easily pinpoint deviations and reports directly on the plans.

Once this functionality is enabled, account owners and project admins will be able to upload construction plan PDFs in Levels and Sectors administration screen. 

Disabling construction plans functionality will simply remove possibility to use construction plans for users meanwhile all data gathered previously will not be saved.

Introductions functionality allows project admins and introduction admins to manage site introductions and registrations, gather proof of certifications and documents digitally.

Once this functionality is enabled, admins can set-up specific requirements for introductions in Introductions screen and enable the public introduction registration link.

Reports functionality allows users to continuously document and inform about events in the project.

Specific reports types can be enabled depending on project requirements. Once enabled, users will be able to see and report the specific report types on mobile apps or web platform.

Disabling specific report type or all reports functionality will not affect or remove previously created reports and all data will be available.

  1. To enable or disable report functions in a project, navigate to "Reports" section in Project Functions and use on-off toggles.