The round report is by default sent to your email.

You can also, through the web platform, download the round report in a couple of ways:

  1. The latest round report can be found under Overview in the project. Click on Original report to the right in the project viewThe report is a PDF and can thus be printed out.

2. All round reports can also be found and downloaded under Documents.

There are 3 versions of the report for each round - one original and two updated reports.

The original is a static document and won't change, while the updated ones are live documents that will be updated as deviations are resolved. The updated reports will only show the information that is still relevant, meaning open deviations that still need to be resolved.

  • Original report - the report that is emailed directly after the round, easily downloadable and printed for the project information board or similar. The report is using the checklist layout, meaning that the information follows the order of the checklist used for the round.

  • Updated report (checklist format) - same as the original report, follows the the order of the checklist used for the round.

  • Updated report (section format) - the report is divided into sections instead of following the checklist. The sections are Deviations from previous rounds, Deviations form this round, Checked items with proof, Checked items without remarks and Positive observations.

Each report always has a first page with an overview of number of deviations, most common categories, positive observations, project details and notes from the round. On the last page of the report the is also an overview of the round participants.