Mobile application:
Start with opening the app and open rounds

  1. Tap on all

  2. Tap on the round you want to change

  3. Tap on edit round

4. Choose responsible and date for the round
5. Tap on edit round

6. Choose start and end time for the round
7. Tap on update round

8. If you choose to change the responsible person for the round you will get this screen and then you click on edit

NOTE! Don't forget to synchronize the app before starting the round and after you have taken over a round.

Web browser:
Visit the project in which you want to create a new inspection and do the following:

  1. Click on rounds in left menu

  2. Click on the round you want to edit

3. Click on the pen icon

4. Edit the information
5. Click on save

TIP! If you want to edit the next scheduled round, you can also do this from the project view