To conduct rounds with construction plans you first and foremost need to upload the construction plans to your project. You can read about how to activate the functionality and upload the plans to your project in this support article: How do construction plans work?


When you have uploaded the constructions plans in your project and start the app, do the following things:

  1. Tap on Inspections this week under the project you're conducting the inspection.

2. Tap on the green arrow to download the plans locally in your app so you are able to use the plans even if you are offline.

3. Tap on Start to start your round.


4. Tap on the item you are assessing.

5. Tap on the red button if you want to create a deviation and the green button if you want to approve the item.


6. Fill out the requested information consisting of comment, photo, risk level, responsible person and the location of the deviation or approved item. You can pin the item directly on the construction plan by choosing the level in the project, for an example "Floor 1", and then choosing the location on the construction plan attached to this level.

7. Tap Save to save the deviation or approved item, then you'll return to the checklist where you can continue your round.

When you're pinning items on the construction plan, you simply move around the pin until it's placed in the desired location. It's possible to zoom in and zoom out however much you'd like. When you're satisfied with the placement of the pin, you tap Save in the upper right corner.


The process is exactly the same for approving items on the construction plan. When you're done with the round you simply tap the checkered flag in the upper right corner to finish your round. 


After you've finished the round, you have access to the construction plans both in the app on your mobile device as well as the web platform on your computer. You're always able to stay up to date and view the items pinpointed on the construction plan. You also have the possibility to use filters to view specific construction plans, deviations from inspections, actions from reports and checked items to give you a clear overview and make sure nothing is missed on the different floors.