NOTE! If you delete an observation or incident, we can not restore it. Delete only if you know for certain that it is not information you need.

Visit the project in which you want to edit/delete the observation or incident and do the following:

  1. Click on risk observations or incidents in the menu to the left in the project view

  2. Click on the observation/incident that you want to edit or delete

3. Click on edit

If you choose to edit the observation/incident:

4. You can edit the type (which means whether it is a risk observation, near miss or accident), category, description and level & sector
5. Click on save after editing the information (in the status bar to the right it will now state that the report is updated)

6. Click save

If you choose to delete the observation/incident:

4. Click on delete
5. Click on delete

NOTE! It is only the project admin and the account owner that will be able to edit or delete the incident/accident. You can only edit/delete reports that remain in the reported stage.