Form is a combination of different form fields which can be filled out during an inspection. You can build different forms using the form builder and later add form components to inspection templates.

NOTE! A form must be included in an inspection template in order to use it in an inspection.

  1. Click on the gear you find next to your name at the top right.

  2. Click on Forms.

  3. Click on Create new form.

  4. Enter the name of the form and click Save.

  5. Enter the section heading and click Save.

  6. Select the parts of the form from the list on the right and drag and drop the part of the form you want to use under your section, you can choose to use one or more different parts of the form under the same section.

  7. When you'r feel satisfied with your form you can click on check form and see how it will look like when someone is using it. (You can click here during the whole time you are editing your form until you click on save.

  8. Click on Save form.

All forms that you have built can be added to the inspections template for using in inspections. See how to build inspection templates and add forms in this article - How do I create an inspection template for my account?

  1. Short text - You select the title of a short text that the person performing the round must then fill in

  2. Paragraph (Text) - Select a heading that is then linked to a slightly longer text

  3. Descriptive text - The possibility to add a field with descriptive text, e.g. instructions or guidelines.

  4. Date - Enter what you want the person to check for dates or if you want them to enter today’s date

  5. Drop-down list - Start by adding the title to the list then you can add one or more options which you can then edit, delete and change the order of your drop-down list.

  6. Check box - Here you can select a heading and then enter as many different check box options as you want.

  7. Radio button - Once you have entered the title, you can then enter several options, the difference here between the check box is that you can only select one of the options when filling in the form.

  8. Image upload - Here you can enter a heading that describes the type of image/images you want the person to upload

  9. Number - Number means that the person filling in the form can select a number connected to the question you have asked.

NOTE! You can edit and delete all sections and form sections while creating your form and after you have saved it.