All users have the ability to report but reporters can only do so via the mobile application. When a responsible person has investigated the report, a notification will automatically be sent back by email to the person reporting.

  1. Click on positive observations, riskobservations or incidents

  2. Click on report

3. Choose what you want to report (In this guide I will go through an accident).

4. Fill in the requested information. If construction plans are activated in your project, you have the possibility to choose level in the project and pin the exact location on your construction plan.
5. Tap on next

How to pin the location on your construction plan after selecting which level in the project you want to use.

6. Search and select users you want to receive your report. The project administrator (s) in the project will automatically receive your report for further processing.
7. Tap on save

NOTE! Once you have clicked save, you will come to the risk observation/incident detail page and can then choose whether you want to add actions connected to the risk observation/incident or if the risk observation/incident does not require any actions connected to it. Read more about how to create actions connected to an incident: How do I create actions for a near miss or accident?

or a risk observation: How do I create measures for a risk observation?