Observations, incidents and accidents are reported through the mobile application. All users have the ability to report. When a responsible person has investigated the report, a notification will automatically be sent back by email to the person reporting. 

  1. Tap on the project you want to do the report

2. Tap on the 3 dote in the bottom right corner and then Create report

3. Choose between reporting an accident, near miss, risk observation or positive observation

4. Fill in the requested information. If construction plans are activated in your project, you have the possibility to choose level in the project and pin the exact location on your construction plan
5. Tap on next

How to pin the location on your construction plan after selecting which level in the project you want to use. You will see a pin on the plan which you then place at the location where the observation/incident occurred by zooming in and dragging the pin to the desired location.

6. Select users you want to receive your report. The project administrator (s) in the project will automatically receive your report for further processing.
7. Tap on submit

Once you have clicked on submit, you will come to the synchronization screen and can clearly see when your report is synchronized and sent.