1. Click on Incidents in the menu to the left in the project view

  2. Click on the reported accident or near miss you want to conclude

3. If you want you may add an action to the accident/near miss choose yes or no
4. Choose if the accident/near miss is severe or non-severe

5. If it is an accident you are handling, you need to fill in the information under injured people per company

6. Fill in accident details / near miss details
7. Click on save

8. Click on mark as concluded

NOTE! In order for you to conclude the accident/near miss you must fill in the information under follow-up and any actions that have been taken must be resolved. If you did not fill in the information under follow-up you will not see the green button Marked as concluded.

You can now report serious near misses and accidents to RIDDOR via a direct link we have added at the bottom of the page that links you to the application form on their website.